How can you find right understanding of body that we have? I can answer you simply by using this glass of water I am holding. It appears to us as clean and useful, something to drink from and keep for a long time. Right understanding is to see this as broken glass, as if it has already been shattered. Sooner or later, it will be shattered. If you keep this understanding while you are using it — that all it is — is a combination of elements which come together in this form and then break apart — then no matter what happens to the glass, you will have no problem.

Similarly, the body is like the glass. It is also going to break apart and die. You have to understand that. Yet when you do, it doesn’t mean you should go and kill yourself, just as you shouldn’t take the glass and break it or throw it away. The glass is something to use until it falls apart in its own natural way. Similarly, the body is a vehicle to use until it goes its own way. Your task is to see what the natural way of things is and accept that one day your body will turn into dust. 

Point to Ponder

This is taken from a Thai to English translation of the talks of Ajahn Cha, who is credited to be the monk who spread the mindfulness revolution to the western world. One of the reasons why he is so famous is that he was able to make use of powerful metaphors to convey some concepts. The above is an example where he is talking about the human body and what understanding should one have

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