It all started when I stumbled across the “Ajahn Brahm” talks uploaded on Youtube. Post my Vipassana meditation I was looking for material to enhance my understanding. The talks opened up my mind like nothing before and have helped me in a lot of ways to lead a more peaceful life. One of the things that stuck with me was the stories that he used in his talks, I loved them. Soon realized that since time immemorial ideas and values have been passed using stories and that stories are a tool for influencing and spreading a positive message. Naval Ravikant calls stories as Programming Language for people

“Stories are a high-level language for programming people.”


Once the COVID-19 struck in India and we had to be under a lockdown lasting 75 days, so I decided to start spread positive stories for people who were locked at home. What started off as me sharing some of Ajahn Brahms stories on WhatsApp groups soon morphed into its own WhatsApp group. I have been posting one impactful story every day since March 25, 2020. was started to document the set of stories so that they are discoverable by others anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in getting the stories you can join the WhatsApp group below, (will soon be available via email too.)

Promise of “One Wisdom Story a Day “ WhatsApp group is

  1. One impactful story which will help in getting insight on personal development, parenting , team management, and leadership.
  2. Each story will be less than 5 mins to read/listen. That is all is the time you need to spend.
  3. The group does not allow posting by others so no forwarded jokes or political messages, just pure stories in text or short video format! 

>>One Wisdom Story WhatsApp Group<

Avinash MB